Classic Humpty Dumpty Kids Costume


Let your child play out their favorite nursery rhyme for Halloween with this exclusive Classic Humpty Dumpty Kids Costume. Be careful to not have any great falls.

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We all know the story of Humpty Dumpty. Humpty, the anthropomorphic egg, just chilling on top of a wall. He’s minding his own business and then, he had a great fall. Then after all the king’s horses and men try to put him back together, they’re left unable to help poor Mr. Dumpty. It’s quite the tragic story, but we have a few questions.Number one, why was Humpty Dumpty just sitting on a wall? He should have known better than to climb up on top of a wall, just so he could hang out on top of it. He’d never have had such a fall had he been a little more careful. Number two, what is Mr. Dumpty’s relation to the King? Perhaps he was one of the King’s main advisors, or maybe he was the King’s brother. He’d have to be pretty close if the King would order ALL of his men to put Humpty back together. Then, finally, how come they couldn’t put Humpty back together again? That seems kind of fishy. With ALL of the King’s men on the job, they should’ve been able to put him back together. Our verdict? This whole situation smells of foul play… but we’re probably overthinking it. We tend to do that.Perhaps your child can solve the mystery of the fallen egg man when he wears this classic Humpty Dumpty costume for kids. The costume is designed to make any kid look like the classic fairy tale character. Just make sure to teach him not to hang around on walls! We all know how that turns out.

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