Cinderella Deluxe Kids Costume


Get your little one ready for the Royal Ball when they wear this Cinderella Kids Deluxe Costume. This beautiful Cinderella Kids Deluxe Costume will have your child ready to dance the night away!

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Classic CharmDisney has come such a long way since your days growing up. There are countless new films, new characters, new animation styles. It’s wonderful! But it’s also nice to know the classics can still capture your child’s attention. When you were a girl, you dressed at Cinderella for Halloween, and now your kiddo is choosing to follow the same path toward costume perfection in this Kid’s Cinderella Deluxe Costume! What a fairytale! It’s almost like magic. And just look how amazing your little one looks in the finery of this costume. It’s as if she’s heading off to the Royal Ball, instead of to a 2nd-grade Halloween party at school. The fun thing about Disney classics is they withstand the test of time, so you can dress up like the Fairy Godmother and accompany your child trick-or-treating, and the whole neighborhood will love opening their doors to you two! Product DetailsOfficially licensed from Disney, this deluxe costume pulls out all the stops to turn your little girl into Cinderella! The dress is made in Cinderella’s signature blue hue, with a classic ballgown silhouette. The bodice has a Cinderella character cameo at the neckline, as well as sequin edging and puffy mesh sleeves. A satin bow adorns the waist, just above the skirt’s delicate overlay. The built-in petticoat gives the dress shape. Choose accessories fit for Cinderella herself and send your child out to the ball. She’s ready!Long After MidnightDon’t be surprised if the magic of this costume doesn’t wear off on Halloween night. You may be seeing this look in the dress-up rotation for months or years to come. It’s that captivating!  

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