Child’s Play Chucky Voodoo Knife Accessory


Dressing up as Chucky this Halloween? This Child’s Play Chucky Voodoo Knife Accessory makes the perfect costume accessory to finish off your Child’s Play inspired look.

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Plan BAfter being shot a bunch of times and cornered in a toy store, you’d think your serial killing days are over, wouldn’t you? Wrong! You just need a little creative thinking and a smidgen of knowledge about Haitian Voodoo to…transfer your consciousness into a doll. Well, it’s not a perfect solution, but at least no one suspects the baby-faced toy of stabbing people to death. As long as you don’t get spotted moving around, you can do whatever you want!Product Details Create havoc and spread mass panic when you add this Child’s Play Chucky Voodoo Knife Costume Accessory to your Halloween costume this year! The plastic knife measures ten inches long and its black handle is decorated with a skull and crossbones and leaf detail. The orange and silver fake blade ooks real enough to cause real damage. Haitian Voodoo skills not included. Your Friend to the EndThis Good Guys doll is here for you…until he double-crosses you and either pushes you out a window or tries to possess you. It’s kind of a frenemy situation actually – the knife probably gave it away!  

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