Child’s Leapin’ Leopard Costume


Dress your child up FIERCE with this Child’s Leapin’ Leopard Costume. They’ll have a blast leaping through the jungle (or the comfort of your backyard) in style!

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A DIGNIFIED GRACEIf you had to estimate the gentle grace and elegance with which your child moves through a room, where would you rank it on a scale of one to ten? Some might find that to be an impossible question to answer. First, you might wonder, “What does this scale represent?” After all, “3” might seem a reasonable answer, so long as ‘whale with a jetpack’ scores in the area of 1.5. Most will probably note that their kid can be really quiet when they want to, though. So, a new scale is definitely needed! Instead of ranking your child on some obscure numeric scale, we instead offer the Feline Flowchart of Kiddo Catastrophe. At the most graceful and unseen side is the Witch’s Familiar, a cat so dextrous and silent that it can balance on the edge of a flying broomstick without so much as a meow. The other end is the cat-nipped housecat whose ruined maneuverability makes it the star of YouTube videos involving faceplants and tumbling furniture. Somewhere in the middle is the Leopard. And we can turn them into that sneaky leopard lickety-split when we suit them up in this Kid’s Leapin’ Leopard Costume!DESIGN & DETAILSIf you have a kiddo who knows how to be stealthy when it is time for stolen cookies but also makes the walls shake whenever they’re rampaging up or down the stairs, then this Leapin’ Leopard costume is the one for them! This is a comfortable and soft jumpsuit designed by our in-house team to look like our favorite great cat. The white belly is adorable and the yellow and iconic panther spots make a great transformation, especially with the stuffed tail, sewn-in foot covers and mitts, and the fuzzy leopard hood.A NATURAL HUNTERWe suspect that your child already has profound skills in candy detection. It’s only natural that those instincts will continue to evolve, so it’s definitely time to starts evening the odds. (Hard to pilfer candy with oversized paws, right?) 

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