Children’s Jack-O-Lantern Poncho


Embrace the spirit of the season with this children’s one-size fits all pumpkin poncho! Featuring a smiling jack-o-lantern it’s the perfect balance of trendy and spooky.

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A Halloween Costume…From their very first Halloween, your child has been in love with wearing costumes. From a wee little pig to a toddling toad and very excitable vampire, they’ve given as many characters as possible a try. And as they’ve grown up, your child has done everything they can to take even the most elaborate witches costume and make it their own. The conversation every autumn isn’t, “what do you want to be?” anymore. Now when the leaves start to fall you simply wait to hear or see what your kiddo comes up with.This year, they’ve asked if you’d help them celebrate Halloween for the entire day, instead of just while trick-or-treating. Since their costumes are usually over-the-top runway-ready ensembles, they don’t translate well to the classroom or travel well to join you on errands, so you knew this would take a little bit more work. Your child would need something simple for their everyday routine, but festive enough to satisfy their love of the holiday, and, most importantly, fully capable of being transformed into a show-stopping look when they hit the neighborhood streets in the evening.Product DetailsAdd this Children’s Halloween Pumpkin Poncho to your child’s closet and they’ll be set for every casual and festive Halloween moment. The easy to wear orange poncho features a printed jack-o-lantern face and green collar that’s shaped like pumpkin leaves so left alone this costume is perfect for school and any autumn activity. With the addition of costume accessories, Halloween makeup, or any unique detail your costume loving child desires, this simple costume will prove its versatility by becoming whatever pumpkin-themed ensemble they want!…But Make It FashionWhether they need a simple canvas to create their own costume masterpiece with, or your Halloween-loving kiddo just wants to celebrate the holiday any day and any place, this Children’s Pumpkin Poncho is a must-have!

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