Children’s Ghost Poncho


This one-size fits all children’s ghost poncho features a spooky ghost face, ‘boo’, and a hood. No need to call the Ghostbusters on this cute costume.

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Spooky StyleHalloween is so fun, and it can be a bit of a downer to realize you can only dress up on the 31st. There is so much build up and excitement, and then only a few hours of fun. But wait—is that necessarily true? Why not dress up whenever you want to? Especially during the spooky season, when costumes are on the brain. Kids love portraying their favorite characters, both scary and otherwise. If your child wants to wear a costume everywhere, then we might have the solution for you! This Child Ghost Poncho is perfect as both a costume base and a regular wardrobe piece. Product DetailsThis white poncho has plenty of creepy details while still being easy to wear! The sleeves and hood feature jagged edges, adding to the spooky vibes. The front has two black eyes and a long, ghostly mouth stretched open in a scream. “Boo!” says the bottom of the poncho, in a dripping font we just love. The bottom front of the poncho ends in a knot tie, which adds a level of fashion to the creepiness. Your child can pair this look with leggings and boots, jeans and sneakers…this is one versatile ghost! 

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