Child Stealth Shinobi Ninja Costume


This exclusive made by us Stealth Shinobi Ninja Child costume will make even the most silent ninja more stealthy and ensure a winning edge this Halloween.

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Fortune Favors the PreparedIt’s the goal of any parent. You want to prepare your child for the future. Any future. The more skills they have under their belt, the better they will be at dealing with whatever sort of problems head their way. That’s why you teach them how to do clean up their room and do their homework on time. And that’s why you teach them to how to do some ninja moves. Like your super-secret special move, the Flying Phoenix Side-Kick—you know, just in case an evil clan of ninjas attacks your little one. Actually, maybe you should consider training your child in the art of ninjutsu, just in case of a surprise ninja attack. That way, your young one will be ready for anything!Of course, the first step in preparing your child for ninja battles is to equip him with the right kind of ninja gear. You’re going to need something that’s black and undetectable in the middle of the night. You’re going to need something that will allow your child to move like the wind. You’re going to need this child’s Stealth Shinobi Ninja Costume.Product DetailsThis ninja costume is exactly what your child needs to begin his first step into the world of the ninja! It’s an exclusive costume made by our expert costume designers. It comes with a black top that has an attached black hood. It also comes with a pair of matching pants that have an elastic band in the waist for a comfortable fit. The matching belt and headband set tie easily around your child’s waist and forehead. Finally, the matching arm guards and shin guards will help your child feel like the fiercest ninja warrior in the land!Rest EasyOnce your child is dressed up in this awesome ninja attire, you can rest easy knowing that your child will be prepared for any ninja attack that might occur! It also doubles as a great costume for parties or just as a cool way for imaginative play with friends. Make sure you grab a few of our ninja weapons to have your little one equipped for any kind of battle.

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