Child Popeye Costume


Well this kid obviously eats all his spinach! This Child Popeye Costume will turn you into the easily recognizable Popeye the sailor man!

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It looks like someone has been religiously eating their spinach! Which is surprising given the way that most kids feel about spinach. But hey, we think it’s great! Who better to promote eating their veggies than the original strong, funny, tough sailor, Popeye?Even though Popeye often found himself in sticky situations, he always found a way out of it by using his brawn – fueled by his love of spinach. Some may say that he wasn’t the sharpest sailor on the high seas, but we think that’s ok – we all have our strengths. Plus, Olive Oyl loved him all the same, even if he didn’t always have the right answers or proper manners. Regardless, he was way better than Bluto anyway!This Child Popeye Costume will give your child big muscles just like Popeye without having to waste all that time doing arm curls with weights (or eating spinach, though that would be an added bonus!). Steal back Olive Oyl from your nemesis Bluto in this officially licensed costume. The costume comes with blue polyester pants that have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit – it can fit their ever-expanding muscles! The black short-sleeve polyester top comes with a red collar for added detail. Lest we forget about the most important part – the muscles! – let’s talk about the flesh colored foam muscles that have a black anchor tattoo for a look truly worthy of the seas. Top off the look with the yellow belt with a gold buckle and a white sailor cap.

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