Child Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume


Your kid will get a kick out of the Child Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume as they are off to Neverland. This skinsuit is 96% polyester and the head, hands and feet are fully enclosed.

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What Our Shadows Do in the ShadowsDoes your shadow do cool stuff? Our doesn’t! Ever since we read those Peter Pan books by J.M. Barrie, we’ve been trying to get our shadow to see if our shadow could do anything really amazing. Unfortunately, it mostly just sits on the ground doing little to nothing! Is your shadow the same? Well, we have a theory on how to make your shadow a little more lively, but it’s going to require a little help from your child.First, your child is going to need this Child Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume. It’s based on his shadow from the books. Next, your child will have to teach your shadow how to dance, swordfight, and how to do all sorts of other wondrous things. Once your shadow has a good teacher… then maybe it’ll come out of its shell, like Peter’s!Product DetailsOf course, this plan all hinges on your child wearing this fantastic costume! It comes with a black skinsuit that’s made out of a spandex blend fabric that stretches to fit. It features a 2-way zipper to help with fitting. The head, hands and the feet are fully enclosed in the suit to help give your child the complete transformation into a shadow! It also comes with a black, pullover style tunic that has ragged edges to look like Peter’s signature outfit. It also comes with a rope belt and a hat with an attached feather, all of which are black to continue the look. Once your child has the whole ensemble on, they’ll be ready to do all sorts of shadow antics, just like Peter Pan’s shadow.The Shadow at the SchoolMaybe your child can teach your shadow how to do proper shadow things, just like Peter Pan’s! If not, at least your child will have an excellent costume for the next Peter Pan play you put on at their school!

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