Child Parrot Costume


Bring some bright colors to this Halloween season with this Parrot costume. Featuring bright primary colors and a parrot head this costume is perfect for the bird lover this Halloween season.

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Say That Again?Does your kid have the amazing ability to hear the things they aren’t supposed to hear? They heard you whispering about maybe going to an amusement park from two rooms away. In an instant, your kid was packed and ready to go. Something you were maybe, possibly considering was now a reality. Or there was that time when you were trying to fix the pipes under the sink and you got a little “creative” with your language. Apparently, your child’s vocabulary grew a lot in that situation. They repeated your words the next time their friends beat them in a game of cards. Their friend was impressed… the friend’s parents? Not so much. If you have a serial repeater on your hands, there’s not much you can do. Our advice? Don’t fight it, lean in with this hilarious parrot costume!Details & DesignThis parrot costume is bright and simple to slip into. The colorful tunic has layers of tropical hues on the wings to make the look really take flight. There’s a tail on the back right below the half zipper. The sculpted foam headpiece has giant, cartoonish eyes and a black beak to make your child’s repeating ways much more charming than usual. The tunic can be paired with whatever pants you have on hand. Finish off the look with pirate claws that slip over whatever pair of shoes your kid wants to wear for trick-or-treating. Joys of the JungleWith this tropical look, your child is sure to win at any tropical-themed bash! Do you have a pirate in your midst? This costume will make for a great sibling duo. And when it comes time to go door to door, asking for treats, instead of “trick-or-treat” your kid can stand out by saying, “Polly want a cracker?”. That’s one way to get an extra Almond Joy for the parents to raid after bedtime!

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