Child Jasmine Wig


This Child Jasmine Wig is perfect for completing her Disney Princess costume. This wig is styled as a long ponytail with a headband and faux gem on top.

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How do we love Jasmine? Let us count ways!First, the girl is a Disney Princess that doesn’t let herself get pushed around by anyone. When her father tried to make her marry a prince, she fell in love with an adventurous young lad with nothing to his name except a fez hat and a meddling monkey. Second, she has a strong thirst for adventure! She’s ready to hop onto Carpet for a cruise across Agrabah to save the day and she has a pet tiger! Lastly…she has REALLY cool hair! Jasmine’s is the kind of hair that shows everyone that she is royalty. This Child Jasmine Wig is based on the classic animated film, Aladdin and will give your kid the locks fit for a very special princess. And trust us, this wig is a much more affordable option than buying your child a magic carpet. Taxes on those are through the roof these days!

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