Child Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe with the Child Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask. Featuring a funny gorilla face on the front stay silly and stay safe.

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Massive Monkey Call us bananas, but we think that King Kong had it made. The giant Lord of the Jungle became the Terror of the Big City – an awesome thing to be if you think about it. Rules don’t apply when you can scale the Empire State Building and swat helicopters out of the air like mosquitos. No one could make you eat your Brussel sprouts when you’re bigger than a barn with a foghorn-esque roar!Product Details We might not be able to give you Kong’s size, but we can give you his fuzzy good looks! You’ll go ape over this Child’s Gorilla Sublimated Face Mask. A printed gorilla grin graces the front of this whimsical face covering. The velour outer surface is nearly as soft and silky as gorilla fur. It’s contoured to your nose and chin for a snug and comfortable fit, and elastic cord ear loops secure it in place. After all, you wouldn’t want it to slip while stomping on army tanks or looking for the world’s biggest banana! Being Lord of the Jungle is a hungry business.

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