Child Deluxe Police Officer Costume


He can serve his community in this deluxe police officer costume for kids! It’s an authentic looking uniform that he’ll love for Halloween and for play.

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The New RookieDoes your little one want to protect and serve? We have just the thing for you. This Child Deluxe Police Officer Costume is guaranteed to make him feel like a part of the force without. You will absolutely make his day with this authentic ensemble and he can go about channeling his energy into other officer-like traits: being a standup brother, an honorable citizen of your household, and a classroom leader. Before you know it, he’ll be patrolling the neighborhood, making sure his little sister stays safe, and he’ll be eating his fair share of donuts (well, he already does that one without the suit!) You’ll love his commitment to integrity and honor, and he’ll look adorable as he tries to become a little hero for you and your family!Product DetailsOf course, the right attitude only gets you so far–he’ll need the right uniform, too. Our navy blue outfit has all the patches and badges you’d expect from a real life officer of the law. Rather than tipping his police hat to us in thanks, maybe your little guy could repay us in another way; we have a few speeding tickets he could take care of!

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