Child Deluxe Lion Kit


Looking to complete your lion costume? Look no further, the Child Deluxe Lion Kit comes with everything you could need to become the king of the jungle.

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We’re Not LionThe coolest animal to see on safari would definitely be a lion. It would be cool to see any animal on a safari, but lions rule the savannah. We love a zebra’s stripes and the majestic long neck of a giraffe, but those animals just like to stand around in packs, munching on grass and leaves. Lions, on the other hand, run the place.Design & DetailsThat said, you know what would be really embarrassing? For a lion to be mistaken for another animal! You can’t be a big tawny cat, stretching and stalking around the plains, doing all that hard work just to be mistaken for a cougar or something. Our Deluxe Lion Kit for Children will spare you any such embarrassment. This exclusive kit full of accessories includes a faux fur headpiece, a pair of fingerless gloves, and a tail that fastens to your costume or clothes. The best part about it: it’s one of our Made By Us kits, meaning it’s crafted with care by one of our in-house designers. So you can worry more about that next meal on the savannah and about claiming more territory while worrying less about the quality of our faux fur or being mistaken for a puma.

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