Child Blue Gloves


This pair of blue gloves for children is a basic and affordable costume accessory that can be worn with nearly any costume. A blueberry, for example, would be great.

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When you’ve got a fantastic blue costume that covers your entire body, you can’t just leave your hands out of the party! Most costumes just stop at the sleeves and leave your hands high and dry. Well we’re here to help you out. (If your hands are dry though you should probably just grab some moisturizer too.) You’ll be needing these gloves to complete your awesome Blue Man costume. These Child Blue Gloves will go great with a fantastic number of different costumes. These are also just fantastic looking gloves to wear around! Need an addition to your own giant blueberry costumes, mom and dad? These awesome gloves also come in adult sizes! Blue not quite your favorite color? Don’t worry! We’ve got tons of different colors of these gloves (and costumes too.) You could even find a buddy and get two different colors of gloves and do a bit of a mismatch!

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