Child Apple Costume


The Child Apple Costume is a fun and unique costume. You’ll look like you fell right from the tree!

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An Apple a DayWearing an apple costume on the biggest candy holiday is a bold move. But that’s your kiddo: A brilliant trailblazer. An independent thinker. And a champion of healthy eating! Take that, Hershey’s! Eat it, Reese’s! Move over, Mars! There’s a new sweetie this holiday, and it’s crisp in a way your puffed rice and chocolate wafers only wish they could achieve. Nature’s candy!Of course, your kiddo knows that dressing as fruit to trick-or-treat is somewhat unconventional, but just think how many conversations it will start about healthy eating. Not to mention, this costume is plenty cute and fun to wear! It makes a great centerpiece of a fun fruit-themed costume, so they can team up with grapes, bananas, even avocados (they’re a fruit, people!) and canvas the neighborhood with their message. Or, your kid may prefer to just fly solo and let their natural sweetness and enticing hue do the hard work for them. No wonder your little sweetie is the apple of your eye!Design & DetailsOne of the hardest things about picking a perfect apple is selecting the ideal ripeness—but this little Child Apple Costume is ready to be enjoyed immediately! It’s also exclusive, so your kid can REALLY be the rare red apple out there. The bodysuit is substantially rounded, with openings for the arms and legs. A matching little red cap tops off the tasty look with its cute stem accent. Pick up the fun and goofy oversized gloves to finish off the perfect apple look for your little health crusader.Not Far From the TreeOf course, you’re not surprised at this turn of events, are you? You must have set some super-great habits from an early age! Might we suggest you deck yourself out as a tree and accompany your kid? It’ll make for great photos and a sweet holiday!

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