Chicken Soft Headband & Tail Accessory Kit


Grab your costume on the way out the door and still look cool with this Chicken Soft Headband & Tail Kit. Fast never looked so good, while your dressed as a chicken

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Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?To get the best Halloween candy, of course! Your kiddos will be running around the neighborhood like a — well, forgive the phrase — chicken with its head cut off when they get to strut around this Halloween in this awesome Chicken Soft Headband & Tail Kit! It’s so fun to be a chicken, they may never want to return to their human form. Because chickens get to sit in the sun and peck at food all day long. They get to hang out in the coop with their fun chicken friends and, we mentioned the eating part, right? If your kiddos have an affinity for the farm and think it would be fun to shake their tail feathers this Halloween, this kit is a simple way to transform them into a little chicken faster than they can say “Cluck!” For extra fun, set your candy station up like a little farmstand, or dress your littlest one in a tiny chick costume for a fun family theme. Product DetailsThis two-piece set comes with a tail and headpiece that makes full chickenization (yup, we made that up) a reality. The chicken’s head is made easy to wear thanks to a slip-on headband holding it in place, while the feathery white and red tail secures via elastic.  

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