Chicken Costume for Women


Be a true chicken when doing the chicken dance with this Women’s Chicken Costume. This costume features tail feathers that meant to be shaken!

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Urban ChickenNo room for hens in your Brooklyn backyard? Or maybe your Chi-town neighbors are less than thrilled with the prospect of roosters on your roof? Get your dose of farmyard fun this Halloween (and show ’em what they’re missing) with this effortlessly chic Chicken Women’s Costume. Yes, that’s right, we said chic Chicken Costume. It’s a farm to runway, racy little number that will keep your crew crowing for your attention all holiday long. Just slip it on and you will easily turn into everyone’s favorite farm bird, bursting with pretty pastoral style. They say birds of a feather flock together, but in this sleek white costume, you’re the only chicken we’d want to be cooped up with!Product DetailsThis form-fitting white frock features flouncy white feathers on the mesh top, as well as a cute red tail on the back. A matching red chicken comb is attached to a comfy headband, so you can add even a bit more flair to your festive look. Add orange tights and shoes (not included) for a total look, or even chicken-feet printed socks! Join up with other barnyard friends for a fun group costume or fly solo (and fabulous) for the night.Give ‘Em the BirdMaybe seeing how awesome you look in this cute costume will inspire your neighbors to warm up to the whole urban chicken idea. Who doesn’t love farm-fresh eggs? But if it doesn’t pan out, you can always put this costume on and do the chicken dance outside their window all day long. That oughta show them!  

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