Chameleon Pop Star Costume for Men


With this exclusive Men’s Chameleon Pop Star Costume you will have a Boy George inspired look that will have everyone at the Halloween party turning their heads in amazement!

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THE FAME GAMEThese days, breaking into the world of show business is more difficult than ever. There’s a lot of competition and everyone is contending to be the hottest pop star currently at the top of the charts. While everyone in the world is competing to be the best, you’re focused on how to stand out; you’re fixated on how to be different. Being a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter is your goal because it’s the best way of rising to the top while pushing all the other unoriginal acts to the side. (Sorry basic acts, it’s your time in the spotlight now.) On your journey to be the next top-selling pop artist in America, (scratch that, the next top-selling pop artist in the world, is more like it), then you’re going to need a stylish, androgynous and exclusive wardrobe. Allow us to be your personal stylist, and the first outfit we’d love to see you in is the Chameleon pop star men’s costume. It’s different, it’s fun, it’s totally you and it’s the ensemble that will help make you a household name. Just remember us when you make it big, okay? DESIGN & DETAILSThe exclusive Chameleon pop star men’s costume comes with the shirt, vest, pants, bow tie, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Our team of talented designers studied popular, nostalgic pop stars to create this Made by Us costume so you can skyrocket to the top as quickly as possible. The striped shirt features real buttons and rounded shirttails while the elastic waistband pants have a coordinating stripe down both sides. The pullover vest features a funky houndstooth print while the bow tie and fingerless gloves complete the costume. HATS OFF TO YOUWant to guarantee a standing ovation at your next live performance? Add the coordinating chameleon pop star hat with wig to your order as a head-turning accessory and costume staple.                

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