Chainmail Hood Adult Accessory


As a noble knight, you sometimes run into danger! Dress the part and protect yourself with this Chainmail Hood Accessory!

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CHAINMAIL MADE EASYChainmail hoods don’t grow on trees. It’s not like you can stroll to your local grocery shop and toss it in your shopping cart. If you need one to spice up your LARP costume, then you only have a few options. One is to handcraft your own by forging metal rings and affixing them into the shape of a hood. That should only take you about a bajillion hours. Or, you could get something like this costume chainmail hood from us. It’s quick, easy, and it looks like the real thing, except it’s more comfortable, lightweight, and doesn’t smell like an iron mine.PRODUCT DETAILSThis mesh fabric hood is designed to give the appearance of chainmail. It’s a simple pullover style hood and fits most sizes easily. Now, it’s not made out of metal, so it definitely won’t protect you in a bout of medieval-style combat, but it will have you looking like the bravest knight in the land.FIT FOR THE FESTIVALThis faux chainmail hood will have you ready to hit the Renaissance festival in style! Just pair this up with one of our toy swords to make a quick and easy look fit for the festival!

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