Celebrity Chef Wig and Goatee Set


Cook up some American favorites like, ”Honky-Tonky Double Barrel Meat Loaded Blast” or ”Prufrocktoberfest” when you go in our Celebrity Chef Wig and Goatee Set! Be the talented TV star with ease.

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So you’re a food person, are you? You like talking about food, smelling food, eating food, and dream about it? You could discuss seasonings and mixing methods all day? Well, you practically sound like a food television star. If you’re that much of a foodie, it wouldn’t take much to look like a famous televised chef. You could wear the chef hat, scream at people in British accents, or just put down everything you taste. Of course, you could also just put on our Celerity Chef Wig and Goatee set. It’s 100 percent synthetic with a self-adhering goatee and styled blonde wig. Just get yourself a cooking smock, maybe some shades, and your chef persona will be all set. Everyone will know exactly how much of a foodie you are.

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