Caveman Costume for Men


It’s time for a prehistoric party! Rock out in this Caveman Costume! Unleash your wild side at any costume party, and show everyone there who the manliest man really is, or lock up the cave and take the kids on a hunting trip for some candy on Halloween.

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Halloween is coming and everyone knows what that means. The costume parties are well on their way! So it’s going to be time to get wild and nobody was wilder than the Neanderthals from prehistoric times. So, with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our Caveman Costume!You can prowl around the party seen with this leopard print pullover and look more than ready to hunt down the wooliest mammoth anyone has ever seen. Of course, with it being a holiday, your time will be better spent on the dance floor! This single shoulder tunic has a jagged hemline that will make you look like a fierce primitive warrior. Along with the pullover, you also get a brown velvet waist sash that really ties this whole look together. Be sure to take a look through the rest of our caveman themed accessories. Grab yourself a pair of our Roman Sandals or a set of our Caveman Feet as well as a wig that is just as wild as the rest of this costume and this head to toe transformation will be nearly complete!All that’s left to add to this amazing costume is one of our fun inflatable clubs! It looks just like a fierce weapon but in reality, it’s as harmless as a pool toy. If you really want to go all out this Halloween, you can even add some fun caveman jewelry to this costume, like a bone necklace! Grab this Caveman costume and let your wild side loose this Halloween!

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