Cat Sublimated Face Mask for Kids


Do you ever wish you could be a cat? Then this adorable Kid’s Cat Sublimated Face Mask will not only keep you and others safe, but have you looking just like a cat! How purr-fect!

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Meow Mania Hey there, all you cool cats and kittens! Do you ever come down with that feline feelin’? That itch to push a priceless antique heirloom off the edge of a desk? The urge to execute a big, back-arching stretch and yawn? The irresistible impulse to sleep anywhere – even in class? (Kitty says the best place for a nap is where you’re not supposed to sleep.) The best thing about cats is that they know exactly how awesome they are, so own your cat-titude! Just don’t expect your pet Fluffy to share her sunny windowsill.Product DetailsEmbrace your inner kitty with this Child’s Cat Sublimated Face Mask! The 100 percent polyester velour and broadcloth material is soft enough to pet (although it might mess up your fur). It’s contoured to your nose and chin for a snug and comfortable fit, and elastic cord ear loops secure the face-covering in place. It’s purrrfect for either yowling on the back fence or curling up on the couch!

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