Carnival Mardi Gras Mask for Women


Get ready for three day of party hardy in the greatest city known to man. Celebrate Fat Tuesday in style with this Carnival Mardi Gras Mask and as they say in NOLA let the good times roll! In this mask, that mister will want to throw you something!

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Leaving it to the ImaginationLet’s just be honest for a second… There’s something seriously hot about wearing a mask. Don’t you think? Look at it this way: we all know that concealing just a bit creates some extra allure. There’s the curiosity of what is hiding behind what you see!Think about it! Would Zorro be half as hot without his mask? What about the Man In Black in The Princess Bride? (Trust us, it wasn’t just the pirating that transformed Wesley from a sweet farm boy to a dashing hero.) We could go on forever with this. (We haven’t even started up with The Phantom of the Opera.) The point is: when it comes to being deliciously mysterious and exciting, masks are where it’s at.Product DetailsThere’s no better time to don a mysterious mask than Mardi Gras. With this Carnival Mardi Gras Mask, you’ll be whooping it up on Fat Tuesday in authentic style. The green mask is covered in velvet, lined in gold trim, and sports peacock and purple feather decorations. This is perfect for men and women alike at giving yourself an elegant flair that will incite no end to sexy speculation. Take It Off!The party will begin when you arrive in this Carnival Mask and you’ll love the thrill of the rest of the attendees unable to resist trying to guess who you are beneath it! 

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