CarnEvil Killer Costume for Adults


Make a freight this Halloween season with this Adult CarnEvil Killer Costume. This costume includes a jumpsuit with red details on it. The mask is also included!

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Front Row RegretsUsually, when you buy tickets to a show, you try and get as close as possible. You thought the same would be true for your night at the circus. If you sat in the front row you’d not only get to see how the acrobats actually did their trapeze tricks but you could easily get refills on popcorn. Might as well live it up. It’s not every day that you get to sit under the big top. You began to regret your splurge when all the clowns piled out of the clown car in the introduction. They all seemed fine except for the last one who slowly folded himself out of the car with a menacing glower and immediately made eye contact with you. Yikes! Throughout the show, the clown seemed to be fixed on you. Act after act, he’d immediately make eye contact and hold it until he backed off stage. Luckily, you’re pretty smart so you left early while the angry clown was busy getting rolled around in a barrel. There’s no way you’d want to deal with an evil clown who’s not too dizzy to walk!Costume DetailsThis clown costume is an eerie take on the classic clown suit. The white jumpsuit has an aged, silvery tint. Bright red pom-poms dot the front, matching the border around the flared collar. The back of the suit secures with hook and loop fastener strips while the leg and sleeve cuffs are trimmed in elastic for that distinct clownish shape. Complete with a full-headed mask with hair attached, this clown costume is ready to wear as soon as it arrives at your door. Just be sure and wear skin tone-colored undergarments with this as the white-colored silky fabric may show contrasting colors underneath!A Show of your OwnIf you think that you’d make a great evil clown, it doesn’t take much to start your own show! Complete your jumpsuit and wig with perfectly terrifying timing and we’re sure you’ll be the star of the show!

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