Care Bears Child Wish Bear Costume


Get them this Care Bears Child Wish Bear Costume to wear and see how many wishes really do come true! This costume features the smiling shooting star on a gold rainbow.

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THE BEAR-Y BESTThere are many types of bears in the world and they’re all so awesome, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Personally, polar bears definitely rank among the top tier of bear-front-runners in our book. Roaming the Arctic Circle like true predators, their beautiful, crisp, white fur blending into the snowy landscape while hunting for prey. Another bear we’re quite fond of is the grizzly bear, known for their giant size and need for hibernation. We wouldn’t mind cuddling up with one to enter hibernation mode if ending up as a meal was guaranteed, but there are no safe bets when it comes to this species. (Another reason why we love grizzlies and find them so fascinating.) Then there’s bamboo-munching, tree-climbing, squeal-worthy panda bears. Is there a cuter creature than these black and white China-dwelling bears? We think not. Watching viral videos of them falling from bamboo trees is pretty much our favorite activity. Although we’re admittedly obsessed with bears and love them all, our favorite type is a Care Bear. Colorful, magical and full of life, we watch these bears all day since there’s a show centered on their lives living atop the clouds. They have special powers to make human beings happy, which is our favorite attribute. Plus, the Care Bear Stare is entrancing. If your child is bear-obsessed just like us, it’s likely they love Care Bears and it’s even more likely they’ll love the officially licensed children’s Wish Bear Costume. DESIGN & DETAILSAn exclusive Made By Us design, the plush, turquoise jumpsuit is soft, cozy and perfect for trick-or-treating when in chilly conditions. The unisex costume for children has a fully-functioning zipper, attached character hood, attached paw mitts and a smiling, yellow shooting star belly badge. A pair of included foot covers stretches completes the head-to-toe look. WISH UPON A STARDo you wish for more costumes Care Bears like this one? You’re in luck! We have other costumes just like this one so you can disguise yourself as all of them.                         

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