Care Bears Adult Friend Bear Costume


Become one of the classic characters from the 80’s television show Care Bears with this exclusive Friend Bear Costume for Adults that features a yellow fuzzy jumpsuit, bear hood, and flower belly badge.

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THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND…We know what you’re thinking.  ‘Wait.  Isn’t that from a different show?’  But, that’s only true if you just sang those words to a particular tune.  In fact, there was no melody associated with those words at all, so it’s far more likely that it was just a quote that anyone might have uttered to the best friend that anyone could ever have:  Friend Bear.  This adorable buddy from Care-a-Lot is the only one who you know, no matter what, has your back and just gets you! Among all the normal powers of spreading cheer and love throughout the world, Friend Bear is also exclusively able to understand just about everyone.  Makes one wonder if the bear comes equipped with a universal translator.  How else does Friend Bear naturally understand all the pantomimes that come out of Secret Bear, after all!?  Well, whether she’s got some of Grumpy’s strange tech or is naturally attuned to people, this bear is a truly original wonder. DESIGN & DETAILSShow the world that you’ve got what it takes to be everyone’s best friend when you slide into this exclusive Friend Bear Costume.  Our designers are so in love with this epitome of friendship that they put all their best materials in line to make this officially licensed, peach jumpsuit.  It features the iconic belly badge of Friend Bear on the tummy:  two smiling daffodils.  It might not beam out friendly energy, but your smile is going to do the job just the same when you pull up the hood with the character’s face embroidered upon it! GATHER UP THE OTHERSWe’re not saying that Friend Bear can’t take on any task solo, but what fun is that!?  Gather up the whole team with our other Care Bear costumes and strike a pose.  Fire out that Care Bear Stare and remind the world just what joy truly is!

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