Captain Jack Sparrow Mens Costume


Enjoy some pirate adventures of your own this Halloween when you dress up in this officially licensed Mens Captain Jack Sparrow Costume. Modeled after Captain Jack Sparrow’s look from the Pirates of the Carribean.

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AlmostMany have tried. The Navy, Captain Barbarossa, and even the nefarious Davy Jones! All of them remember the day that they almost caught Disney’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Despite all of their attempts, he always wriggles his way to freedom in a fantastic exit. If you’ve ever dreamt of narrowly escaping capture from your foes, then perhaps it’s time that you jump into the role of the world’s most slippery pirate of them!This exclusive Adult Disney Captain Jack Sparrow Costume helps you look just like the cunning rogue, so can head on adventures of your own. You can make everyone remember the day that they almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!Design & DetailsThis adult costume is officially licensed from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series. It takes inspiration from his main outfit and comes with many pieces to help you look the part! The costume outfit starts with a white shirt and a vest. It also comes with a pair of brown pants and a pair of boot covers that fit over your own shoes. The belts and sashes included help give you a bit of swashbuckler style. The finishing piece comes in the form of a red headscarf, which can be tied around your head to provide you with that classic Captain Jack Sparrow appearance! When you have the whole ensemble on, even a nasty Kraken will have a tough time trying to catch you.

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