Candy Corn Ankle Socks


These Candy Corn Ankle Socks would make a great gift for anyone during the Autumn season. Wear them with your Halloween costume this year, or use them year-round!

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Pass the CornOctober is the only time of year when you can get your serving of veggies just by eating candy. Whoever invented candy corn was a genius! Could someone also make sugary versions of carrots, beans, peas and Brussels sprouts? Maybe even kale? No one would ever be a picky eater again.Product DetailsHave the sweetest feet when you wear these Women’s Candy Corn Ankle Socks! The comfortable socks have orange toes and heels, as well as an orange band across the ankles. The black arches and soles are printed all over with a pattern of cute and yummy-looking candy corn. We Want Candy Keep your toes warm on a cool autumn night! These socks are perfect for wearing to a party, to work and school, or just at home watching a scary movie marathon. Don’t forget to have plenty of real candy corn on hand for snacking purposes. 

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