Caddyshack Ugly Sweater for Adults


Get ready to dance with your favorite gopher from the cult classic movie, Caddyhack when you wear this Caddyshack Ugly Sweater for Adults. Features a Caddyshack themed ugly sweater with a detachable stuffed gopher.

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Hole in One!It can be tough to find the perfect outfit to show your love of the game. If you’re a football fan or can’t get enough of America’s favorite pastime, it’s easy. Grab a jersey and folks will recognize exactly what you love. Heck, even if you dive head-first into the world of wrestling entertainment, there are a bunch of shirts that will tell everyone whether you root for the Face or sneer at the Heel. But when you want to show that you find the game of golf to be the perfect way to bring a smile to your face? Well, unless you’re a fan of plaid, there isn’t much out there that helps you bring the joy of the game to bear. Unless, of course, you conjure up some help from a friendly furball who inspired loads of laughs in the 1980s cult classic movie! Design & Details Win the sports apparel game for all time when you sport this Adult Caddyshack Ugly Sweater. This cotton-blend sweater has rib-knit bands on the neck, waist, and cuffs for supreme comfort. It has all-over print to bring the essence of the game wherever you go. And it also has snaps on the front to attach a plush stuffed animal companion in the form of the fan-favorite gopher, Caddyshack, himself! Who doesn’t want to cuddle a buddy while being cozy themselves!? 

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