Buster Sword


Complete your Cloud costume with his iconic Buster Sword. This enormous blade is his weapon from Final Fantasy VII and is a must have accessory to really make your Cloud costume complete.

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Blade of the EliteCloud’s not just a solider, he’s a SOLDIER. All capitals. The cream of the crop. He’s the guy you call when you need inside information on a Mako reactor. He’s a mana-infused warrior who can mop the floors with any average Shinra flunky. That’s why his signature sword is a little bit extra. The Buster Sword looks like it could cleave an elephant in a single stroke and the amount of strength required to wield it must be immense. If you’re planning to cosplay as Cloud Strife, then you’re going to need to do some strength training… or, you’ll need this toy Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword accessory.Product DetailsThis Buster Sword replica is inspired by Cloud Strife’s starting weapon from the Final Fantasy VII game. The toy weapon recreates the appearance, complete with Materia slots in the blade. It also has a realistic paint job to help you look ready for the next job. Now, we wouldn’t recommend picking a fight with Sephiroth just yet, but it should make you feel prepared for your next boss fight. And, of course, you don’t need a bath in Mako energy to wield it, so that’s a definite plus! 

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