Bunny MASKot Head


This is a big Bunny MASKot Head. If you want to go to a party with the biggest and cutest mask then you’ll need this one!

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Hoppy to be UniqueDressing up as a bunny is an easy, cute costume to put together. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. Some people may just throw on ears and a fluffy tail. Others may add face paint and come color coordinated clothes. Those are standard bunny costumes, but why go standard? There’s nothing wrong with them, but dressing up is all about being unique. So go your own way and create something new! You will definitely stand out from, and above, the crowd in this Bunny MASKot Head.Product DetailsThis bunny head is all about size. It is several times larger than a normal head! So how does it stay in place? Well, the fabric is supported with foam to keep it nice and wide, while an inner hood keeps the mask from sliding off of your face. If you want an extra poofy rabbit, try putting some lightweight stuffing in the top of the the mask to keep it nice and round. The eyes are mesh, so while you may have some limited vision, their large size makes seeing easier. Now, you can find or make a MASSIVE tail to match!

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