Brown Suede Coachman Steampunk Costume Hat


This sturdy Brown Suede Coachman Costume Hat is the perfect add on to your Steampunk costume and will make a magnificent showcase item at your next convention. Top off your look with this affordable accessory.

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How does a post-apocalyptic coachman travel to his next steam engine convention? Why, in top-notch steampunk style, of course!We have to admit, we do not always fully “get” the steampunk aesthetic. Cerebrally, it just doesn’t make sense–is it the look of the future, or of the past? But not getting it doesn’t stop us from loving it! It’s so cool. Whenever we see a really awesome steampunk outfit, we understand that true steampunk style is elusive and difficult to capture in words. So if you want to make your ensemble speak volumes about your favorite trend, this durable Brown Suede Coachman Hat will be a huge help! Remember, a well dressed gentleman should never leave home without his hat–and we’re pretty sure that rule is as applicable in the distant future as it was back when steam engines were just hitting the scene!

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