Broken Doll Adult Costume


She’s all stitched up and been waiting for playtime to roll around! This Halloween this Broken Doll Adult Costume will turn you into a Gothic-style doll.

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One day, someone is going to hug us so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together.Things break. That is just part of life. You love a thing, play with that thing, name that thing. It becomes part of your identity. Then one day, after you’ve grown far too attached, it breaks. It becomes something that your mom throws away. But you remember it. It was your favorite thing ever. And you loved it.But, that doll is gone forever now. You tried to tell your mom that you could just glue her back together. You could still play with her. You still love her. She was your best friend. You felt more complete with her at your side. She was so pretty. You liked to brush her hair, and marvel at her shiny lips, and cute dresses. But no, your mom still got rid of her. Lost forever to the land of broken toys.What if we told you that you could see her again? Well, you can with this Broken Doll Adult Costume. You can give her a new life, even if she is broken. Yeah, she might look a little different than you remember, but she is still the same doll that you played with for hours. And now she is life like, and you don’t have to position her arms. She will do whatever you want, because you will be her. And the best part of all is you don’t have to glue her, just give yourself a hug in this costume to stick her broken pieces back together again.

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