Bride of Chucky Deluxe Costume for Women


Look extra scary in this Bride of Chucky Womens Deluxe Costume this Halloween season. Wear this costume alongside your significant other in a Chucky costume.

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Dangerously Devoted To YouHave you ever known a couple that you just wish had never met each other? There are a few versions. Some couples take annoying to a new level, baby talking and sitting on each other’s laps like they’re in middle school. Other couples have a darker turn, getting into uncomfortable arguments at a moment’s notice. But no couple is quite as unhealthy as Chucky and Tiffany. They might be pint-sized but they’re dangerous to everyone they come across! They’ll use just about any tool to take down their unsuspecting victims. Now, why Tiffany still loved Chucky even after he showed up in his doll form, we’re not quite sure. But hey, we all know that love is an unpredictable force!Costume DetailsThis fully-licensed Bride of Chucky costume features Tiffany’s white wedding dress and her sleek leather jacket. Instantly recognizable by horror fans, the leather jacket has lapels and a glossy finish to make you look ready to rock. This costume can be completed with a heart tattoo, a fabulous nineties blond hairstyle, fishnets, and plenty of black makeup. Here Comes the BrideSome ladies will do anything to create their own romantic love story. For Tiffany, that means being all right with getting turned into a doll. At least, eventually. At first, she’s pretty peeved, to tell the truth. But soon enough she and Good Guy Doll, Chucky head out on their horrific. Are you ready to step into Tiffany’s fishnets? Her attitude is pretty fun to take on for the night. 50 percent sexy siren and 50 percent dangerous doll, she’s the perfect addition to any Halloween party even if she’s both cursed and married! Whether you’re heading out with Chucky or you’re hitting the town solo, this white dress and leather jacket combo will be welcomed with open arms by horror fans everywhere!

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