Boys Transformers Bumblebee Long Sleeve Sleep Set


Your favorite little auto-bot will be ready to roll on out for bedtime as his favorite hero with the Boy’s Transformers Bumblebee Long Sleeve Sleep Set!

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Cybertron Dreams Does your tyke have what it takes to become the next leader of the Autobots? Have they walked side by side with Optimus Prime for their whole childhood, learning to be brave, defending the Allspark from the forces of Megatron, and even managing to head to bed on time? (That last one is probably the hardest lesson on all!) Still, something tells us that your kiddo can channel the natural charisma of the most popular of the Transformers. If that’s the case, we’re here to help them suit up for bedtime in style with a pair of Transformers pajamas!  Product DetailsWhether resting after a big adventure or just tired from buzzing around all day, your kid will feel like they’re joining the most iconic team of heroes out there when they climb into bed in a pair of these Transformers Bumblebee Pajamas. The long sleeve sleep set includes a sleeping shirt and lounge pants that feature all-over print of Bumblebee’s iconic look. Knit cuffs keep them fitting cozy and even look like Transformer tires. (Optimal for “rolling out” right away in the morning!) Voice Box VibesMost know that Megatron stole away Bumblebee’s voice. Now, we’re not saying that this pair of Bumblebee PJs will keep your kiddo quiet at night just because they want to act like their favorite hero… but you can always dream! 

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