Boy’s Spotlight Ringmaster Costume


Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up! This Halloween, have your child ready to entertain for the greatest show on earth in this Boy’s Spotlight Ringmaster Costume. There will be no question in that they will be spectacular, sophistica

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Show Biz, Baby! The orphanage fades behind you as you run down the dusty road. Far in the distance, you can see bright colors and whirling shapes, getting more vibrant and enticing as you draw nearer and nearer. It’s the circus! As soon as you caught a glimpse of it from your dormitory window, you knew that it was the place for you. Soon, the whole world will know your name! You wander from tent to tent, wide-eyed with amazement at all the wonderful acts. Soon, though, one figure stands out from all the rest. You’ve made up your mind. Your destiny is to become a world-famous ringmaster!Forget the red-nosed clowns, the twirling trapeze artists, and the death-defying lion tamers! The ringmaster is the person to be when you run away to join the circus. He is the true star of the show, the one all eyes follow, that master of charisma who holds the rapt audience in the palm of his hand. Plus, his job involves a lot less lion spit than others. It’s a win-win! Product Details Dazzle and delight in your Spotlight Ringmaster Men’s Costume! You’ll be the envy of your friends and win the admiration of all when you dress as a dashing King of the Circus! The 100 percent polyester satin red tailcoat swirls behind you as you leap from ring to ring, sparking the audience’s imagination and whipping their excitement to new heights. The coat pairs excellently with the black trouser pants embellished with gold trim. The vest front features gold swirl brocade detail. Add the black top hat for the crowning touch (pardon our pun) Its red satin trim is as awesome as its collapsible design.You’re a Star! We’ve given you the outfit, but only you can win the audience’s hearts. Go have fun and spread a little magic! The Big Top has never seen such a show!

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