Boy’s Fairytale Baker Costume


Cook up something magical in the Boy’s Fairytale Baker Costume. The costume includes a shirt/vest combo, apron and hat. The apron comes pre-smudged with flour stains and the chef’s hat is properly fluffy.

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Fantastical bakingDo you think baking is boring? Well, maybe you’re using the wrong recipes! Sure, there’s only so much excitement to be found in your basic brownie recipe. There isn’t anything too fantastic about flour, or sugar, or butter. But what if you swapped regular butter out for dragon butter? Or if you switched the sugar with shrinking sugar? Or added something totally different in, like giant’s earwax or fairy dust? Now, that would be a fun recipe, wouldn’t it?You see, your problem is that you were just thinking about regular baking. But fairytale baking is totally different! Fairytale bakers get to travel across the realm, gathering magical ingredients like witch’s brew and mermaid scales. They’re constantly in danger. And their concoctions can be dangerous, too! Sure, some recipes, like “Grow-your-hair-out-blue” brownies, are pretty harmless. But some recipes, like “Supersize-surprise” sandwiches, can be harmful if you eat them and you’re someplace like inside a house. There’s definitely nothing boring about a fairytale baker’s job, we assure you! That’s why the best fairytale bakers have safety protocols in place, like never mixing ghost liver with jelly (it explodes) or substituting fairy dust with pixie dust (pixie dust is actually quite poisonous when not boiled first).Product DetailsGet ready to run your enchanted kitchen properly with this Kid’s Fairytale Baker Costume. The costume includes a shirt/vest combo, apron and hat. The shirt/vest combo is 100 percent polyester and includes both brown plaid and black-and-white striped sleeves because, why not? The apron comes pre-smudged with flour stains so you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself. And the chef’s hat is properly fluffy, because what true chef would get caught dead in a hat that isn’t truly, impressively fluffy?Whip up something delicious!With this fairytale baker costume, you’ll be ready to create some truly magical dishes!

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