BoxTrolls Eggs Costume for Kids


Scurry down the alley but don’t get caught or you risk putting your entire kind in danger! This Child BoxTrolls Eggs Costume is perfect for mischievous and dirty guy!

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Little BoxesSome people think outside the box. Take Eggs, for instance. He likes to hang out with his BoxTroll buddies, Fish and Shoe, all of the time and he might seem like just another grimy critter from under the streets, but he has his own idea about things. He believes that everyone can get along. Whether you’re a subterranean creature or a fancy blueblood snacking on cheese, you can find a way to be friends with everyone by thinking outside the box. After all, who’s to say a BoxTroll can’t enjoy hobnobbing with fancy folks. Maybe those same fancy folks would enjoy if they just stepped outside of the “boxes” that they created for themselves!Perhaps your little one likes to think outside of the box too! Well, then maybe it’s time to dress him up in this officially licensed child BoxTrolls Eggs costume!Design & DetailsTurn your child into the peculiar character from the Laika film, BoxTrolls. The shirt has long sleeves with frayed cuffs and comes in a light blue color. The “box” prop has the “Eggs” symbol on the front and fits over the shirt. The brown pants have a rugged look and an elastic waist for a comfortable fit, and attached suspenders to hold them up. Finally, the hand and foot wraps really help craft a full costume experience. When your child has all of the pieces, you’ll have a budding little BoxTroll living in your home.You Make YouCheese, hats, boxes… they don’t make you. You make you. Those are wise words from Eggs! Of course, it never hurts to have a cool outfit to help show off your favorite movie characters! This child BoxTrolls Eggs costume brings an authentic look that any young fan of the movie will love! 

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