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Congrats on your big bundle of joy! Keep those adult toes warm with these Blue Big Baby Socks! These adult socks are perfect for everyday wear or to complete a baby themed costume.

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You’ve Gotta Be KiddingThe nursery hasn’t seemed the same after you left. Little Tommie doesn’t have anyone to toss rings with. Jenny has been bothering everyone to play Ring around the Rosie but no one wants to play without your festive yet sure skip. And when Junior face-timed you last week crying with pudding smudged across his face you knew it was time to escape office life and come back for a day or two. Product DetailsThese light blue socks might look like they’re made for babies but they’ll fit you just fine. The cotton socks have ribbed cuffs, two ABC blocks printed on the flexible material. Socks like these will be the perfect touch to any infant ensemble, completing your ensemble to every detail.Put Down the Pen and Into the PlaypenIt was a great escape, you tugged off your tie in the car, blasting Raffi all the way. You stop at the gas station to pick up a six pack of lollipops. When you park your car, opening the door you can almost already smell the light baby powder and spit up rags. Be real about how you feel. Being a grown-up is no fun, you’ve got to kid!

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