Black/Yellow Bug Eyes Glasses


Add these fun Black/Yellow Bug Eyes Glasses to your bee costume and you will be the hit of the hive this Halloween. With honey-combed details on the lenses, you will be buzz, buzz, buzzing in style.

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What’s Bugging You?No need to bug out, man. This Halloween can be the greatest one you’ve experienced yet. All you need are the right accessories. Start with this set of Bug Eyes Glasses. You could add them to your super hacker costume. Look like you just pulled off the biggest heist of the century when you walk in the room with these bad boys on. You could be an original superhero or villain as well. Whether you choose the light or the dark, with these shades you’ll always have super style.Product DetailsThe frames are a sleek black and are made of plastic. The lenses are round and tinted to a pale yellow color. A honeycomb grid is printed over the lenses. The temples are attached to the mainframe with hinges. That way they are made to fold up easily so you can safely store them in a pocket or hang them on your shirt collar.The Big BuzzStill don’t know what you can be this Halloween? Well, bee original this year. Forget vampires and zombies. Bee something that truly scares people on a day-to-day basis. Yes, a bee! People are scared to death of them. With these black and yellow Bug Eye Glasses, you could be a terrifying yet fashionable bumblebee.

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