Black Werewolf Shoe Covers


Complete your look this Halloween season with these Black Werewolf Shoe Covers. These shoe covers fit securely around the back of your heel and are brown all over.

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Telling a Tall TailThis year for Halloween, you have decided to go all in. Not only did you buy a premium werewolf costume, but you’ve been working hard for over a month to convince your friends that you are, indeed, a werewolf. It started with subtle hints. Clumps of “fur” left behind in your pal’s car when you got out. Consistently scratching behind your ears at trivia night. Singing karaoke on a Saturday, but replacing a lot of the ooh ooh oohs with little wolf howls. At first, they laughed. But you’re doing such a good job keeping in character and seeming like nothing is out of the ordinary, that now they aren’t so sure. Maybe something weird is going on…Nab these Black Werewolf Shoe Covers and make sure your Halloween costume covers you from head to toe. You don’t want your street sneakers to ruin the final effect after all that hard work, do you? When you make your entrance this Halloween, you want your friends to be so freaked out, they don’t know what’s real and what’s invented anymore!Product DetailsThis creepy pair turns your everyday footwear into werewolf paws, instantly! With bony toes and sharp claws, not to mention the faux fur cuffs, these covers keep up your illusion this Halloween. 

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