Black Derby Costume Hat


If you’re on your way to the Kentucky Derby you cannot forget about your Black Derby Costume Hat. This hat is also perfect if you’re a steampunk who is looking to add a little bit more flair to their outfit!

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Just imagine all the cases you’ll be able to crack when you don this dashing Black Derby Hat. Word on the street is that it triggers a seventh sense that hones in on clues, making them glow and pulsate a bright red color. Are you sold yet?Even if it’s not a dapper derby hat, we think there’s something downright empowering about wearing something on your head. Don’t you agree? …Okay, okay, allow us to explain. A crown, a headband, a gorgeous and tasteful hat–all of it, any of it, we’ll take it. Like, how do you feel when you have the opportunity to bestow upon yourself some new noggin ornament that attracts attention all the world over. It’s nice to feel noticed, you know? And there’s no better spotlight than the perfect headdress.Crowns are downright royal, conveying a sense of importance that we rather enjoy. Headbands are great in their versatility, but limited in that they don’t cover our heads. In cold weather, that’s just a deal-breaker. Hats, meanwhile, can be difficult to get just right. When’s it right, for instance, to wear a fascinator? Because we wore ours to grab coffee the other day and the stares we got were, erm, less than admiring. When do you go ball cap over beanie? It’s a hard call to make, right?! We can never feel certain about that decision. We’re here to fix that with this headwear like this dashing Black Derby Hat. It won’t crack the case for you, but with all the clues pulsing red at the racetrack, you’ll feel like you have some type of power. Snag some other detective accessories to get a group theme going. See what we mean about their sheer versitility and power now? Ah, the power of a good hat.

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