Black Crescent Women’s Witch Flat


Your Witch costume would not be complete without the perfect shoe! Add this Women’s Black Crescent Witch Flat to your costume and look the part. These shoes have a flat sole and are black all over.

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The Truth about Witching HourWhen exactly is witching hour? If you ask the internet, it’s a toss-up. Some sources say that it’s as early as the hour after midnight. Some say it’s exactly at 3:00 in the morning. We think witching hour occurs whenever you slip into these crescent moon slippers! These are the perfect flats for sneaking out into the night to dance under the full moon. Wear them under a long dress while you shop for herbs at the farmers market and only those that look closely will know that you plan to stir up more than a stir-fry with that ginger root. And of course, you can slip into them as you make your magical debut at your next costumed event. Just remember. Now that you have the right footwear, the witching hour is whenever you say it is!Product DetailsGorgeous black velvet makes these flats into the perfect glamorous shoes for a range of Halloween events. A subtle moon on the toe gives you mysterious midnight vibes. Slip them on to match with a number of our witch costumes or wear them throughout October to add a touch of spooky season vibes to your everyday wardrobe!

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