Black Cat Costume


Is there anything more classic then a black cat costume for Halloween? Go back to old school this year with our Women’s Black Cat Costume!

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The Cat LifeLife is better as a cat! Have you seen how those fine felines live? Let’s just examine the life of a typical cat. Their day starts with their human waiting on them hand and foot, filling their food dish with their favorite treat. Then, they spend their afternoon lazing around in sunbeams in the living room. They get as many pets as they want and their human usually provides them with more toys than they know what to do with!Of course, everyone is in love with them and they’re the most popular animals on the internet (sorry, dog lovers, but you know it’s true). And they ALWAYS get their way. They’re like little fluffy, adorable kings. We spend a lot of time dreaming of what it would be like to live life like a cat… and that’s why we asked our costume designers to make a costume that would help us act out that dream! This Adult Black Cat Costume was created by our costume designers to give everyone the chance to live like a cat, even if it’s only for a day!Design & DetailsBecoming a cat has never been easier! This Made by Us costume is a simple and comfy, unisex outfit that transforms you into a kitty cat in an instant. The costume comes with a jumpsuit that’s made out of a soft black material that fits with fasteners in front. The back of the jumpsuit has a tail and the hood has a pair of cat ears on top. When you have it on, you’ll feel like taking a nap in a sunbeam!Feline for a DayIf want to know what it’s like to be a cat for a day, then you might just want to wear this exclusive costume! It’ll have you feeling like a fine feline in no time.

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