Birthday Cake Plush Hat


When it’s your birthday you might as well celebrate by being the cake with this Birthday Cake Plush Hat. Make sure no one takes a bite of your hat!

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The Birthday HatWe love birthdays! It’s a time for presents, parties, games… and our favorite part, the birthday hat. What’s that you say? You don’t have a birthday hat? In fact, you’ve never heard of a birthday hat? We thought everyone knew about birthday hats! They’re a special kind of hat that you wear when that special time of year comes around. It’s the kind of hat that lets everyone know that you’re a whole year older. You gotta have a birthday hat, and it just so happens that this Adult Birthday Cake Plush Hat is ready to become your favorite part of your birthday experience!Product DetailsThis adult-sized hat embodies the delicious feeling of being the birthday boy or girl! The hat is designed to look just like a birthday cake, complete with frosting and faux candles on top. It even has “Happy Birthday” written on the side of it. The interior of the hat features a size adjuster, so this hat is a one-size-fits-most style. Just plop this on your head when the big day comes, or better yet, introduce one of your friends to the birthday hat tradition by getting this wacky hat for their birthday celebration.

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