Billie Bite Evil Puppet Prop


Put on a show that will horrify anyone who see it with this Billie Bite Evil Puppet Halloween Prop! Whether it’s for decoration or for your next act, you’re sure to have a terrifying time.

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A Chilling ShowWhy did you talk us into this? You know puppets give us the creeps. They’re kind of like china dolls – they seem cute at first, but those glassy, thousand-yard stares are a little unnerving. At least this puppet show seems normal so far. Did you see that puppet on the end? I could swear it looks like he’s not on any strings. And do you see the stains around his mouth? Oh no! Did you see what he just did to that poor puppet next to him? And now he’s turning around to look at the audience! Run or we could be next! Product DetailsEnjoy the horrified stares you receive when you use this Billie Bite Evil Puppet Halloween Prop! The puppet has a menacing expression and a bloodstained mouth – his grey uniform makes it clear that he has broken free from a facility to terrorize the town! A fake hand makes it appear that you are holding him by his hair, while a hole in the back of his head lets you use your hand to make the puppet move as though he is struggling to free himself to give you a nasty chomp! 

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