Big Link Gold Chain Necklace


Now you can be a rapper or a pimp with the help of this Big Link Gold Chain Necklace. Add some bling bling to your costume!

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Look, we all have different investment strategies. Everyone knows that buying the brand new whip is baller, but it’s not forward-thinking – that thing is gonna depreciate by half the minute you drive it off the lot. And houses are great – property is important! – but there also things about of your control, like that crazy neighbor who doesn’t take care of his lawn and is therefore causing everyone else’s resale values to plummet. And Wall Street? Maaan, don’t even get us started on those fly but sly double-talkers! So when it comes to keeping our hard-earned royalties safe and secure, we like to invest it in the most stable market there is – gold! Yeah, that’s right – we know that if you invest in a chain, you’ll floss your stacks for waaaayyyy longer. And you want that cred, son! So show off that wealth with this Big Link Gold Chain Necklace. Add some bling to your costume with this big link gold chain necklace (made of plastic, just for the record – can’t be no geek off the street dropping them beats who gets beat so ruffians can get their hands on the real ’n’ sweet!). The gold links span 28″ in circumference, and the links come apart for fitting. In Big Link Gold Chain Necklace, you’ll be lookin’ so fly this Halloween that all them haters are gonna die!

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