Big Bad Granny Wolf Adult Costume


Be big and bad in the Big Bad Granny Wolf Adult Costume. This wolf is hungry! Gobble up anyone in your path when you wear this Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume.

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My, Grandma! What large teeth you have! Not to mention your ears! We writers like to call this moment in Little Red Riding Hood the “climax,” but little kids everywhere think of this as “the part where you hide under the covers.” Just because you know what’s going to happen doesn’t make a wolf eating Grandma any less scary. But really, from a writer’s point of view, this is the best possible costume to wear if you want to live out the horror and suspense of your beloved (albeit a little creepy) fairytale. The wolf, before this moment, is not yet as dynamic a character; and later in the story the wolf is…well…dead. Therefore this Big Bad Granny Wolf Costume captures the precise moment of dark drama you’re looking for this Halloween. You can make this costume more gruesome by adding some fake blood and body parts to put in your basket. But it’s also plenty petrifying on its own. It includes Grandma’s signature calico gown, as well as faux fur cuffs and an attached tail. The ferocious and furry wolf mask has Grandma’s attached hat, so really all you need is to perfect your eeriest wolf voice (good for added characterization). See? That MFA paid off, after all. You’ve selected the supreme storyline moment to highlight this Halloween. Now, let the hunt for Little Red Riding Hood begin so we can get to the denouement!

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