Bendy Half Mask for Kids


Have your child grinning just like Bendy when you get them this Bendy Half Mask for Kids. This Bendy Half Mask for Kids makes the perfect costume mask to complete their Bendy inspired look this year!

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He’s Right Behind You!Now you can help your kiddo transform into one of the most terrifying beings in all of existence. No, we’re not talking about some gruesome monster or heinous horror-movie slasher. We are, of course, talking about the frightening, Bendy! From the videogame Bendy and the Ink Machine, this character stalks you around every corner. Then after you’ve turned the game off, suddenly his haunting smile hunts you down in your nightmares. Bendy may seem harmless but for those that have played through the thrilling survival game, he is quite the opposite.Product DetailsWith the help of this Half Mask, your child can bring all the fearsome fun of Bendy and the Ink Machine to life this Halloween. The mask is made of plastic and holds all of Bendy’s terrifying facial features. His eyes are just as emotionless as you’ll recall from the game. His smile is just as cold. The shape of his head is that of a horned cartoon demon. This mask also has mesh eyeholes that will allow your child to have limited vision while he stalks his prey. The elastic band will ensure this officially licensed accessory stays securely on your kid’s head through all the Halloween festivities.

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